The Ring

The outward visible symbol of registration in the profession is the Professional Ring. A sterling silver band, in the design of a gear wheel with intermittent maple leaves, is available for the exclusive use of fully registered members (A.Sc.T., C.E.T. or C.Tech.). The ring is worn across Canada by registered members of the provincial associations of the Canadian Council of Technicians and Technologists (CCTT).

Within ITP, only registered members are permitted to wear the ring. The Council strongly advocates that all wear it.

The symbols are as follows:

The ring represents unity between the members of the Society and the national body (Canadian Council of Technicians and Technologists).

The maple leaves were chosen in order that the ring would be acceptable to registered members across Canada and represent our national symbol.

The five gear teeth are symbolic of the necessary co-operation between the trades people, technicians, technologists, engineers, and scientists / researchers who integrally comprise the “engineering team” for all should be working as closely as the five fingers of the hand.

The ring was made distinctive enough so that the general public could recognize at a glance a registered member from other professionals.

While it may be worn according to the member’s preference, professional rings are traditionally worn on the last finger of the working hand.

Registered members of ITP may purchase the ring exclusively through the Association’s Head Office in Charlottetown.