2020: A Year of Firsts for Technology Accreditation Canada
2020 was a year of firsts for Technology Accreditation Canada (TAC) with the first CTAB accredited program audited under the TAC accreditation process. With travel restricted due to COVID-19, the first virtual site visits were conducted, receiving positive feedback from educational contacts and auditors. The first 5 year comprehensive review of the National Accreditation Criteria and accreditation process was completed paving the way for a number of improvements to be implemented in 2021. And late in the year, a Standards Development Committee commenced the review of the first discipline (Electrical) Canadian Technology Accreditation Criteria (CTAC).
Additional accomplishments during the year included eight programs being granted national program accreditation, bringing the total to 174 under the TAC and CTAB banners, 64 applications received (12 new, 46 from CTAB accredited programs, 6 renewals ) and 40 auditors added to the registry. The 2020 Annual Report provides further detail.
“While it was a challenging year, we are very pleased with the number of “firsts” for the organization,” comments TAC Board of Directors Chair Stephen Morley, C.E.T., Fellow OACETT . “These achievements demonstrate TAC’s ongoing commitment to innovation, advancement and enhancing value for our customers and stakeholders in the engineering technology and applied science profession.”
Accreditation is recognized worldwide as an objective method of assessment and a valuable tool to identify program strengths and challenges. This independent seal of approval represents excellence in education and the high standards of the profession graduates will be joining. Achieving accreditation provides students, industry and the educational institution confidence the program has met defined standards.
About TAC
Through accreditation, TAC is committed to partnering with educational institutions to ensure students receive a quality education that meets the standards of Canada’s engineering technology profession. For more information about TAC or how to apply for accreditation, please visit
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