The Canadian Technology Accreditation Board (CTAB)

Created in 1982, CTAB is a standing committee of the Canadian Council of Technicians and Technologists (CCTT). CTAB‘s mission is “To develop, coordinate, and manage a consistent, high-quality national accreditation program responsive to changes in technology and education.” The Board fulfills that mission through the National Accreditation program.

National Accreditation

Demonstrates to the community that an educational agency has achieved certain high standards; Evaluates an organization according to national technology standards as defined by industry; Requires that participating organizations complete a process of self-assessment, which provides valuable feedback to all areas of an organization; Allows management to develop a “road map” outlining current challenges and setting of future goals; Provides a framework for continually improving the quality and efficiency of technology programs. This framework can then be clearly communicated to the agencies’ clients, encouraging continual progress and growth.

CTAB is made up of a representative from each of the Constituent Members (CM’s), a Chair and a Past-Chair, in addition to representatives from Department of National Defense (DND), National Council of Deans of Technology (NCDoT) and Canadian Society for Chemical Technology (CSCT).

CTAB can be contacted at the CCTT office at: 400-14 Concourse Gate Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K2E 7S6

tel: (613) 238-8123, ext 23
fax: (613) 238-8822

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Programs Accredited in Prince Edward Island

National Accreditation status is active unless otherwise indicated with a hyphen and a closing date, i.e. 1999-2002. Some programs’ status may have expired, and then been reactivated via a subsequent evaluation, i.e. 1999-2002, 2004.

Program Name Program Level Discipline National Accreditation Date
Architectural Technology Technologist Building 2000
Bioscience Technology Technologist Bioscience 2008
Civil Technology Technologist Civil 2000-2004
Computer Engineering Technology Technologist Electronics 1993
Construction Technology Technician Civil 2000
Electromechanical Technology Technician Electronics 1993-1998
Electronics Engineering Technology Technologist Electronics/Electrical 1993

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