ITP Benefits

The Association of Certified Engineering Technicians & Technologists of Prince Edward Island (ITP) was incorporated in 1972. ITP promotes the professional interests of Engineering and Applied Science Technicians and Technologists in industry, educational institutions, the public and various levels of government. Professional recognition is an ongoing priority.

Certification by ITP indicates that the member has met a high standard of academic and experiential excellence.

ITP works closely with the Canadian Technology Accreditation Board (CTAB) to accredit technology Programs across Canada.

Professional Designations: C.E.T., C.Tech., A.Sc.T.

These designations are widely recognized by employers across Canada and around the world as qualifications for technical personnel. In Prince Edward Island, only fully certified members of ITP have the privilege of using the title and corresponding designations.

Technology Ring

A sterling silver ring, in the design of a gear cog with maple leaves is available for the exclusive use of fully certified members. The ring is worn across Canada by certified members of the provincial associations of the Canadian Council of Technicians and Technologists.

Employment Services Program

The Canadian Technical Employment Network….CTEN is a national job referral system which puts technology professionals — members of provincial associations in touch with prospective employers searching for quality technical staff with specific knowledge and expertise. A virtual HR exchange for technology professionals and employers. CTEN brings skilled technicians and technologists together with prospective employers.

First Aid Kits and Training

Thanks to St. John Ambulance, members receive a 15% discount on all first aid training courses and first aid kits.

MBNA Canada Credit Card

MBNA is currently reworking the application process due to Government of Canada changes, The applicaiton process will be re-launched in the new year.

MBNA Canada Bank and ITP are partnered in a unique program that provides ITP members with a premium credit card program while also allowing members to demonstrate pride in the profession. In addition, with each use of the credit card you will be supporting the future of the technology professions in PEI.

Additional Benefits

National and International Affiliation

ITP is a member of the Canadian Council of Technicians and Technologists (CCTT). CCTT represents the interests of over 45,000 Technicians and Technologists across Canada. Inter-provincial transferability of certified members, without further technical examinations or similar qualifications has been achieved through the federation with CCTT. A reciprocity agreement with some members of the Engineering Council in the United Kingdom, also facilitates transferability of certified members between both organizations. There is also a reciprocity agreement with NICET in the United States.