1. Student Membership

What does a student membership of the ITP do for me?

This is a commonly asked question. There are many benefits to being a member of ITP, some of these benefits do not apply to the student member but many do. Here are some of the benefits available to our student members;

Certification by ITP indicates that the member has met a high standard of academic and fulfilled the required experience. A student member must be studying in a course that has been accredited by the Technology Accreditation Board (CTAB) based on the Canadian National Standards. Membership at the student level begins the process of becoming a fully credited member once the educational and work experience requirements are met. Once a student member graduates from their course they can apply to upgrade to an Associate member for the duration until they meet the two year work experience requirement. Upgrading maintains the members records, benefits, and facilitates becoming a certified member.

ITP is a member of the Canadian Council of Technicians and Technologists (CCTT). CCTT represents over 45,000 technicians and technologists across Canada. The certified members (C.E.T., C.Tech, A.Sc.T) of any provincial association benefit through CCTT of inter-provincial transferability, without further technical examinations or similar qualification confirmation exercises. CCTT also has a reciprocity agreement with NICET in the United States, which facilitates Canadian Technicians and Technologists getting work in theUnited States. As an associate member, employers will see that you have initialized working towards your certification, and have met the educational requirements to become eligible for certification.

ITP members have access to the Canadian Technical Employment Network (CTEN). CTEN is a national job referral system which links technology professionals to prospective employers searching for quality technical staff with specific knowledge and expertise. This job bank can be a very valuable tool to Engineering Technicians and Technologists. ITP members have access to other benefits such as:

Student membership requires a $20 fee.

Please do feel free to peruse our website or contact us at info@techpei.ca or 892-TECH for further information.

TD Meloche Monnex and ITP Annual Technology Scholarship

TD Meloche Monnex is pleased to offer a new scholarship for full time students in a Canadian Technical Accreditation Board (CTAB) accrediteed program at Holland College in the amount of $500. The scholarship was extablished with the Holland College Foundation. The deadline for applications is November 15th, the winner will be presented at the Holland College Awards Night in January. Students interested can check out the following link and apply.

Click Here to go to the Holland College Foundation Scholarship page and scroll down to the link to TD Meloche Monnex and ITP Annual Technology Scholarship.

Applicants must be full time students in a Canadian Technical Accreditation Board accredited program at Holland College. Applicants must demonstrate the interest, motivation, and outstanding potential for successful participation in the technology industry; and must be student members of ITP. Applicants must submit a 500 word essay describing why they chose a program in technology/applied sciences, career goals, and why they believe they will succeed in this field. Applicants must demonstrate financial need.